Pic story of 10

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Saihanjiya attends a horse-themed cultural festival in East Ujimqin Banner of Xilingol League, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, July 19, 2019. Saihanjiya, 10, a well-known young jockey in local town, has a tight schedule for attending various kinds of horse racing in this summer vacation as she really enjoys the speedy riding. Influenced by her father who is a horse trainer, Saihanjiya learned to ride horse when she was seven. After one year of learning, Saihanjiya started to take part in horse racing and achieve good results. Not all gains are achieved without pains. She fell off the horse once in a competition and nearly fainted at the beginning of this year. Her parents worried about her and suggested a withdrawal. But the strong-willed Saihanjiya kept finishing the following competition and finally got good ranking. "As long as I can manage my time, I will keep on riding," said Saihanjiya. (Xinhua/Ren Junchuan)